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Breakfast on Galiano Island

Good morning! What better way to start a day on Galiano Island, than with an oceanfront breakfast at the Inn. Whether you are here on a romantic getaway,  a corporate retreat or a happy will want to start your day right!

Breakfast at the Inn

Our Breakfast Menu...

Good morning! Breakfast at the Inn in the SunshineBenedicts With homemade hollandaise  and hashbrowns  (15)
* chorizo + pepper
* pulled pork
* feta + tomato
* smoked salmon
* brie + guacamole

Granola Parfait served with our in-house granola, Greek style yogurt, fruit compote, rose syrup (10)

Huevos Rancheros. Black beans, avocado, salsa, sour cream, over easy eggs, spinach and tortilla (15)

Galiano Breakfast Eggs 'your way', sausages, bacon, ham, multi-grain toast and hash browns (15)

Quinoa Pancakes banana, lavender maple syrup, whipping cream – gluten free  (14)

French Toast using pain brioche, with peaches & whipped cream (14)

with hash browns + multi-grain toast (15)
* brie + chorizo         
* smoked salmon + goat cheese
* gruyere + ham        
* smoked cheddar + pulled pork

Coffee by the fireplace with a book: in your room or in the restaurantBeverages ....                                    

Tea (2.5)

Coffee (2.5)

Latte/Cappuccino (3.75)

Espresso (3)

Juice (3)

Open Hours ....

We are open for breakfast from 8:30 am to 10:00 am on weekends, and each morning, in summer.

For groups, please call ahead