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Own an Affordable Oceanfront Vacation Home

Oceanfront Villa suites in the late afternoon sun
Here at the edge of the ocean, in the heart of the Southern Gulf Islands, lies a resort and spa that delivers the dream of luxury, the tranquility of forest and garden, and the restorative powers of a waterfront resort. Leave the stress and noise of city life behind, for only a short journey across the water from the bustle of Vancouver BC, Victoria and Seattle, you will discover your heart’s desire.

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If you would like to learn more about Vacation Home Ownership opportunities:

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Realtors always give you this advice... and it applies to Galiano:

2. Oceanfront real estate is the best investment for retaining value
3. Buy something you will enjoy 

Living "Inn" Style

When you own a Vacation Home at this special Gulf Island hideaway, you have all the luxuries of a first class boutique hotel: fireplaces, ocean views, and special touches in every suite.

View of villa suite looking out to the ocean, ferry in the distance

An Inn-vestment that Makes Sense

But you also are making an important investment. At the Inn, that investment makes sense: not just for you to enjoy, but for your family and friends to enjoy, and for you to obtain revenue.

Map of Galiano - so easy to get hereVisit us to see for yourself

We are so close: it is an easy day trip, literally "walking distance" Or  if you wish to stay overnight and experience everything this beautiful island and resort have to offer, call us at 1-877-530-3939.

Unique Opportunity to Enjoy your Vacation home PLUS get a Return

Here is an excerpt from probably the best article you will read about fractional ownership. Or download the full article from the Vancouver Sun and West Coast Homes.It explains fractional ownership, how it differs from buying a complete property, and how you can realize an investment from it.....

"Today’s economy is causing some consumers, typically investment-minded and time-strapped, to shift away from more traditional ways of obtaining vacation property to a way that not only balances their financial outlay with a practical return on their investment, but also enables them to enjoy their vacation home during their limited vacation time".

10 Best Reasons to Buy a Vacation Home on Galiano Island!

The Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa seen from the water

  1. EFFORTLESS: Buying real estate at the Galiano Inn means your vacation property is effortless each time you arrive.
  2. BUY NOW, ENJOY NOW: From the moment you buy, you can enjoy this fully operating resort. You can buy today, enjoy today. No waiting for buildings to be completed or the promise of things to come. Here you’ll find proven, exceptional service and amenities.
  3. AFFORDABLE: Oceanfront real estate is rare and it can be expensive. On Galiano, it is pristine, beautiful and, with fractional real estate, at the Galiano Oceanfront Inn & Spa, it is now affordable.
  4. FLEXIBILITY FOR YOU: You can use your vacation home yourself, or use it for family and friends, or we can rent it out for you, it is completely flexible.
  5. FINANCING: We can provide financing at very good rates.
  6. NO TIME: We are just 50 minutes away, the first ferry stop from Vancouver, or 15 minutes by floatplane to our dock. You won’t be spending all your vacation time just getting here.
  7. WE TAKE CARE OF IT FOR YOU: Fixing the roof or fixing a Martini, Professional management takes care of all the details for you. Don’t spend your vacation working; relax .
  8. REAL ESTATE NOT TIME SHARE: Is this time share? No, it is deeded real estate, sold to you through a licensed real estate broker, with the safety of the Strata Act, a Strata corporation of owners and professional management
  9. RETURN: Looking for rental return? We can offer you options to rent it out when you want, or even contract with you in order to lease back your unit for assured rentals.
  10. BENEFITS: Our Owners have benefits in the Spa, the Restaurant, with Smart Car usage...and the greatest benefit of all is that it is on Galiano Island!
Sunrise view from the Galiano Inn