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The Flores del Iris Gardens

Halfway between British Columbia's beautiful Butchart Gardens and Vandusen Gardens is a boutique garden set in the natural beauty of an island... and this garden is set in a small inn so you can actually stay here.


Autumn colours, warm lazy days, quiet in the garden, the colours are rich golds and warm yellows. After the lively summer crowds, you may meet a different kind of visitor.

Gardens, autumn colours, pond, massage outdoors, deer, wildlife


Our gardens stay green all winter, and some flowers may linger while fresh ones are often first to appear on the coast. Rich berries feed our equally rich bird life.

Garden gates with rich red winter berries leading to the Galiano Inn's gardens.


Riotous colour along the paths, iris pond, and fresh colours heralding new growth. Year round, enjoy the quiet, a massage by a waterfall, a cup of tea or glass of wine , or yoga outside your guest room. Spring comes early to Galiano Island.

Yoga in the Glass Garden room, or on the outside lawns in summer


Our sweet rose garden brings heady scents to warm days and long evenings and lingers into the next season. Christmas roses are not unheard of in this, the mildest climate in Canada.


Beautiful perfect pink and cream rose   Climbing roses, Galiano Oceanfront Inn Gardens   magnolia, gardens


A Garden that is Yours to Discover

The Inn has many hidden treasures to discover. A secret garden behind the Inn, replete with streams and waterfalls, ponds and garden plantings to discover. As special in autumn as it is in summer.


Galiano Inn Gardens are host to art shows and music and weddingsRelaxation in the Gardens

Many special afternoons have held events in the the gardens of the Galiano Oceanfront Inn & Spa.

Art shows and sales, music, relaxation, even dining at a private table for two... the gardens have set the scene for many lovely occasions and celebrations.

Or just take time for yourself to just 'be'.

Massage cottage amidst the colour in the gardenGardening as food for the body... and spirit

Plants flourish here... an herb garden for the chef, rose garden, perennial garden, even a special spot to meditate or practice yoga.

A quiet place for a cup of tea or a glass of wine. And the best way to connect with nature... a relaxing massage in the Cedar Garden Cottage.

Gardens that have concern for the ecology at itws heartCare for the ecology at its heart

Blessed with a Mediterranean like micro-climate, the Inn gardens feature natural plantings that weather the dry conditions of a hot island summer. Diligent water conservation nurtures many plants and flowers otherwise unknown in this area.

Here nature reigns supreme, with decks and fences built around tree limbs to leave them undisturbed. Just as you would want it.

The Inn owners requested that a covenant be placed on trees on the property: giant California Sequoia, London Plane, and Locus that were all planted soon after the turn of the last century by the English family that began the first garden.

Garden room for Yoga and NiaYoga and Nia within a Meditation Garden

In a glass garden room, with french doors that open to the gardens beyond, experienced instructors provide yoga classes all year round.

In the warm summer months, Nia or yoga instruction may even be outside, in the gardens, surrounded by the sound of the waterfall and the scent of the flowers.

Find your own special place to meditate... reconnecting with nature slows you down to "island time".

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