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Healing Earth JourneyOur Signature Packages are unique and provide added value and complementing treatments; 
Our Couples Experiences will help you create memories to last a lifetime; and
Our Special   Experiences show you more of what the Spa has to offer.

Couples Experiences

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Signature Packages

For more information, visit Signature Packages

Healing Massage

» Relaxation
» Deep Tissue
» Aromatherapy
» Just my Back, Neck and Shoulders
» Pregnancy
» RMT Therapeutic
» Chocolate Butter Creme Massage
* Tuina Massage

Holistic Healing

* Healing Earth Journey for Couples
» Flotation Therapy
» Scalp & Sinus Therapy
» Yoga
* Reflexology
* Cranial Sacral Treatment (by an RMT)
* Reiki


Body Treatments

Body Masques:

» Therapeutic Herbal Mud
» Wild British Columbia Seaweed Glacial Clay
» Blueberry Smoothie

Body Polishes:

» Therapeutic Himalayan Herbal
» Vanilla Chai Latte
» Wild British Columbia Seaweed Salt Scrub
» Blueberry Organic Sugar Scrub

Eminence Organics Facials

» Anti-Aging Rejuvenation for Men & Women
» Sensitive Skin
» Clear Skin
» Facial Enhancements
» Neck Revival

Pedicures and Manicures

» Pure and Simple manicure
» Pedicure with a View
» Decadent & Deluxe Pedicure & "Foot Facial"
» Real Chocolate Pedicure & "Foot Facial"
» Island Express Mani-Pedi
» Island Facial and Pedicure Combo
» Total Pampering
» French Manicure or Pedicure
» Polish Change

Healing Massages

Beach massage

Massage, Oceanfront Massage, spa, Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa, Beach massageRelaxation

  • Enjoy a relaxing massage with light to moderate pressure to relieve tired muscles.
  • 60 min $105 or 90 min $145

Trigger point massageDeep Tissue

  • Very firm strokes, deep elbow pressure and trigger points are used to help relieve tension and pain in your body.
  • 60 min $120 or 90 min $160

Aromatherapy oils for massageAromatherapy

  • Begin by choosing one of our Madrona del Mar customized aroma blends that entices you. Enjoy a relaxing massage with light to moderate pressure. 
  • 60 min $110 or 90 min $155

Just my back neck and shoulders massageJust My Back, Neck and Shoulders

  • Sitting at your desk all day can put strain on the neck, back and shoulders. This massage focuses on the back, neck and and shoulders. Moist heated pads and essential oils are used to help the muscles relax.
  • 60 min $110

Pregnancy MassagePregnancy

  • You and your baby are supported with a special body cushion. This is a comforting and nurturing, customized massage that can focus on particular areas for relief.
  • 60 min $110

Relaxation MassageRMT Therapeutic

  • A customized massage, using trigger points therapy, joint mobilization and myofascial release. A consultation is provided and a medical RMT receipt will be issued for you.
  • 60 min $120 or 90 min $160

massage, hot stone massage, spa, oceanfront spaHot Stone

  • Hot stones that were warmed by fire were used by Native Americans to treat aching muscles. This luxurious massage incorporates the use of basalt stones that have been smoothed by natural forces in the river or sea. The stones are heated up to at least 120 degrees and maintain their heat well. First, the therapist warms the body with traditional Swedish massage strokes, then massages you while holding an oiled heated stone. As the stone cools, the therapist replaces it with another. The therapist might also leave heated stones in specific points along your spine, in the palms of your hand, on your belly, or even between your toes to improve the flow of energy in your body.
  • 90 min $175

Chocolate  body masqueChocolate Butter Creme Massage

  • Imagine luxurious Shea butter blended with pure rich cocoa, massaged all over your body. Your deserving dry skin will absorb the softening properties of Shea butter and heal with the high anti oxidants in organic cocoa! Delicious and edible!
  • 60 min $130

Tuina MassageTuina Massage

  • An ancient deep Chinese massage to help energize and restore balance to the body. The therapist uses a variety of very deep pressure techniques using thumbs, elbows and palms on specific points to stimulate stagnant energy along the meridian lines
  •  60 min $120  or 90 min $160 

Acupressure Massage

  • Acupressure is a deep and gentle finger pressure.  A Chinese technique called Jim Shin Do is used on acu points of the body to help release tension and trauma.  No oil is used and you can be fully clothed for this deeply relaxing therapy  
  • 60 min $120  or 90 min $160 


  • WIth Reflexology Massage, reflex points on your feet are pressed to stimulate and bring energy to organs in the body. You will feel rejuvenated afterwards. 
  • 60min $105

Holistic Healing

The following holistic treatments are healing and relaxing. While we do not claim we can cure an illness these treatments are certainly helpful for your mental and physical well being.

Float free....with Flotation Therapy at Madrna del Mar Spa.

Flotation Therapy

flotation therapy, flotation treatment, flotation centre, oceanfront spa, spaFloat away your worries and get relief from stiff muscles.
  • Float in our gravity-free mineral bath with over 600lbs of Epsom and dead sea salt. Excellent for stress, injuries, arthritis and detoxification. Your skin will feel silky smooth afterwards. (Not recommended for those with high blood pressure or if you some stages of pregnancy)
  • 60 min per couple $80 or single $60

Healing Earth cottage in the gardens of the Galiano InnHealing Earth Journey Together

Laugh and play - paint each other with healing mud.

  • Warm, therapeutic Moor mud are blended with essential oil you choose from our custom blends of exotic oils. You smooth the warm mud on each other & then drift away on the heated tile bed. A playful 'together' experience! 
  • 45 min $119 per couple. Book as an add-on to any other couples treatment for just $89.

scalp massageCranial Sacral Treatment by a RMT

  • A gentle,  hands on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance. Using a soft touch , practitioners release restrictions in the soft tissues that surround the central nervous system. A preventative health measure to bolster resistance to disease and effective for a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction
  • 60 min  $135  or  90 min $185


  • Healing technique that channels energy into a patient by means of touch to activate the body's natural  healing process and restore physical and emotional well being.

couples spa, yoga, yoga retreat,, spa, oceanfront spa Yoga 

  • A customized private class for all levels including beginners. Group classes held seasonally. All classes taught in our beautiful glass Garden room
  • Private Yoga 75 min. $80
  • Group Yoga (class times vary) $15 per person

Body Treatments

herbal mud masque


We hand blend pure and raw ingredients just minutes before your body masque treatment. The results are amazing, and its fresh, organic and potent!

Therapeutic Herbal Mud - detox and rejuvenate

  • Body masque, body wrap, spa, spa treatment, Galiano InnDetoxify and rejuvenate with this therapeutic Herbal Mud masque. The clay has an ideal natural Ph balance of 6.5 to 7.4 and is rich in skin nourishing minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, selenium, magnesium and potassium and many other trace minerals. [read more] Contains over 12 Ayurvedic healing herbs and rich mineral mud found in the Himalayas. The Auromere Herbal Mud is a blend of four powerful healing clays that combine together to draw out toxins and soothe the skin. Some of the herbs are mango ginger, sweet flag and Indian gooseberry It smells wonderful! An Ayurvedic massage oil hydrates your skin. Improves overall vitality and re conditions the skin.
  • 60 min $130

Wild BC Seaweed Glacial Clay – re-mineralize and renew

  • mud wrap, clay wrap, seaweed wrap, glacial seaweed wrap, oceanfront spa, spaExperience our British Columbia Seaweed and Canadian Glacial Clay in a powerfully detoxifying, re-mineralizing and toning body masque. BC Seaweed contains over 50 minerals and is very soothing and nourishing to dry irritated skin. [read more] Canadian Glacial clay has been called “the Miracle Clay” and is considered by many to be the best in the world, having the perfect PH balance of 6.5-7.3, with more than 30 minerals and trace minerals. It has natural healing powers to purify and tone the skin. It is found in the coastal region of British Columbia, and is a result of the melting of glaciers and is over 30,000 years old. Afterwards, Sea Flora Wild Kelp lotion is applied to penetrate and hydrate the skin.
  • 60 min $130

Blueberry Smoothie - refresh and luxuriate

  • blueberry treatment, blueberry, spa, oceanfront spa, Galiano Oceanfront Inn and SpaBlueberries are packed with antioxidants which slow down the aging process, by improving memory and lowering blood pressure Enjoy this refreshing fruity wrap is made fresh with real blueberries, milk and kaolin clay. Milk contains lactic acid and is known to soften and nourishing to the skin. Eminence Blueberry Lotion is then applied to your deserving skin. Emerge from the Blueberry Smoothie feeling refreshed, with silky soft, healthier skin.
  • 60 min $130



We hand blend pure and raw ingredients just minutes before your body polish treatment. The results are amazing, and its fresh, organic and potent!

Therapeutic Himalayan Herbal – detox and rejuvenate

herbal detox, spa, spa treatment, herbal salt scrub

  • Our Ayurvedic herbal mud contains 4 clays and 12 healing herbs and is blended with Himalayan salt, [ which has over 80 trace minerals] to draw out impurities and soothe irritated skin. Himalayan salt helps with arthritis and muscle fatigue. Your skin will feel soft and hydrated. An Ayurvedic massage oil is applied to hydrate your skin. Includes the Vichy multi jet spray massage shower and steam.
  • 60 min $100

vanilla, spa treatment, spa scrub, body scrub, body polish, oceanfront spa

Vanilla Chai Latte - stimulating and warming

  • Organic spices with organic vanilla will warm your heart and comfort you. Energizing for the body and wonderful for the skin, this polish uses organic sugar {naturally occurring alpha hydroxyl} and milk {lactic acid} to exfoliate and renew the skin. Our warming blend of chai essential oils and coconut oil will tease your senses. Includes the Vichy multi jet spray massage shower and steam.
  • 60 min $100

seaweed scrub, seaweed polish, oceanfront spa, spa, detox spaWild BC Seaweed – re-mineralize and toning

  • Over fifty trace minerals contained in Wild B.C Seaweed with sea salt exfoliate, tone and renew your skin. Seaweed is helpful in addressing excess cellulite and is soothing for rashes and dry skin. Afterwards a body hydration with mineral rich Sea Flora Wild Kelp Lotion hydrates the skin. Includes the Vichy multi jet spray massage shower and steam.
  • 60 min $100

blueberry treatment, blueberry, spa, oceanfront spa, Galiano Oceanfront Inn and SpaBlueberry Organic Sugar - loaded with antioxidants

  • Blueberries are packed with antioxidants which slow down the aging process by improving memory and lowering blood pressure. Real blueberries, organic sugar scrub, and coconut oil is blended fresh before your treatment. Includes the vichy multi jet spray massage shower and steam. Eminence Blueberry lotion is applied afterwards to hydrate the skin.
  • 60 min. $100

Hands and Feet

Hands with french polish at Madrona del Mar Spa

PLEASE NOTE: For all treatments below, we regret but we cannot remove gel nails in our spa environment. We do not use harsh chemicals and only use non-acetone polish remover.

manicure, OPI polish, spa, spa treatment, treatment, spa, spa resort, island spa, GalianoPure and Simple Manicure

  • Enjoy an aromatherapy hand soak, nail filing, cuticle conditioning, mini hand massage and finish with O.P.I. nail polish. Pure and simple perfection!
  • 45 min $45 or without polish 40 min $40

pedicure, OPI polish, spa, spa treatment, treatment, spa, spa resort, island spa, GalianoPedicure With A View!

  • Enjoy a mineral aromatherapy foot soak, Nezza Naturals Mango Salt Scrub, callus refining, cuticle conditioning, nail shaping and a relaxing peppermint foot and leg massage and finish with O.P.I. nail polish. You can relax and gaze out at the ocean view during your pedicure! We are not kidding about the view!
  • 60 min $70 or without polish $65

Decadent & Deluxe Pedicure & Foot Facial

  • Men's treatments, a pedicure with a viewRelax with a refreshing aromatherapy foot soak. Nezza Naturals Mango Salt Scrub, peppermint spritz, callus refining, cuticle and nail conditioning and shaping, Canadian Glacial Clay masque is applied, followed by a generous peppermint foot and leg massage. Your feet are then pampered with a warm Shea butter treatment with warm booties, during your neck and shoulders and scalp massage. You can relax and gaze out at the ocean during your pedicure! Sorry but we cannot remove gel nails in our spa environment. We do not use harsh chemicals and only use non acetone polish remover.
  • 90 min $100

Real Chocolate Pedicure & Foot Facial

  • chocolate spa, chocolate pedicure, spa treatments, spa, oceanfront spa, Galiano IslandOur treatments are “real”… including our real chocolate, high in anti-oxidants. Soak your feet in warm chocolate milk, enjoy a chocolate sugar scrub and chocolate mask – then callus refining, cuticle work, nail shaping and polish. Chocolate shea butter, warm booties, and a chocolate foot and leg massage are next. Conclude with a relaxing scalp massage. Enjoy some chocolate tea (and chocolate) while you relax and gaze out at the ocean during your pedicure!
  • 90 minutes $100

OPI nail polish for all manicures and pedicures at Madrona del Mar SpaIsland Express Mani-Pedi

  • This express service is a nail care treatment and is a shortened version of a manicure and pedicure. This includes cuticle conditioning, nail filing and aromatherapy lotion. OPI polish is used on your nails. There is no foot soak or heal filing done.
  • 60 min $85

facial, pedicure, spa, spa treatment, spa resort, island spa, GalianoIsland Facial and Pedicure Combo

  • This is a shortened version of a facial and a pedicure. Enjoy a 45 min customized Eminence Organics Facial and a 45 min. Pedicure With A View! We are not kidding about the view! You will look and feel amazing. You can gaze out at the ocean during your pedicure! Sorry but we cannot remove gel nails in our spa environment.
  • 90 min $145

Eminence natural facial at Madrona del Mar Spa at the Galiano Oceanfront InnTotal Pampering

  • Want it All? – Why Not! Head to Toe pampering; Treat yourself to total relaxation with a 45 min. customized Eminence Organics facial, 45 min. pedicure and 30 min. manicure.You will look and feel amazing. You can gaze out at the ocean during your pedicure!
  • 2 hours $170

French polish or polish change at Madrona del Mar SpaAdditional Treats:

  • French Manicure or Pedicure - Add a French finish to your manicure or pedicure for only $20 extra. 30 min.
  • Polish Change - Need your polish changed? Hands or feet - 30 min $20 

 Eminence Facials

Eminence natural facial at Madrona del Mar Spa at the Galiano Oceanfront Inn

Anti Aging Rejuvenation for Men and Women

  • facial, anti-aging spa, spa treatment, treatment, spa, spa resort, island spa, GalianoLuxuriate with a 90 minute Eminence Organics Facial that is customized for both men and women. This facial is perfect for you regardless of your age and skin condition. Includes steam, extractions, an exfoliation mask and hydrating mask, and customized facial mask, eye treatment and facial hydration. There is also 30 min of massage of the legs and feet, hands and arms, scalp, neck and shoulders.
  • 90 min $140

Facials at Madrona del Mar SpaSensitive Skin- soothe reactive and delicate skin

  • Sensitive and delicate skin will benefit. Pure rose oil and rose extract is used in this Eminence Organics skin care line which is used for this facial. Helps to treat cuperose and rosacea. Includes: a milky cleanser, a gentle nourishing mask and facial hydration massage, plus neck and shoulders massage.
  • 60 min $110

facial, spa, spa treatment, spa resort, island spa, GalianoClear Skin-Corrective

  • This facial uses the Pro Biotic line, and focuses on extractions and massage techniques to restore balance. Excellent for oily skin, breakouts and blackheads. Includes extractions, steam, cleanser, exfoliating mask and facial hydration massage plus scalp neck and shoulders massage. Your skin will feel revitalized.
  • 60 min $110


(these mini treatments can be added on to any facial)

facial, spa, Eminence, spa treatment, spa resort, island spa, Galiano

Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

  • Enjoy radiant skin!- for reducing pigmentation, fine lines and sun damage
  • 30 min $45

Eye Renewal

  • Soothing and comforting helps relieve tired puffy eyes and aids in wrinkle protection. We use cold tea bags, cucumber gel,and Eminence eye cream to rejuvenate the eyes.
  • 30 min $35

Neck Revival

  • Anti aging- boost skin elasticity with the complete antioxidant Acai Berry line exfoliation, firming mask and rich moisturizer
  • 30 min $45

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