Keith Carlson


December 2, 2021 - January 31, 2022

Originally from Saskatchewan, Keith moved to Prince George in 1974 and taught secondary
school art in all disciplines before retiring in 2009. He attended UBC and the University of Victoria to obtain a master’s degree in art education (1992). During his tenure as an art teacher, he produced his own artwork and classroom demonstration work. 

After his master’s degree, he went into more depth in his personal work.  In “retirement”, he seek to examine his personal style, his aesthetic and artistic interests including imagery and motif. 
In August of 2013 he moved to Galiano Island British Columbia Canada, where he opened a small gallery to display his work.

Keith works in a variety of painting and graphic styles as well as in wood carving and sculptures. His artworks are at times abstract, at other times realistic; large or small; colour or black &white.

Window Reflection with Flowers

Garden Bluebells

Tulips in a Grassy Field

Entanglement Walk (out for a walk)

Entanglement Spires

Wind Blown

Rain on a Window on a Sunny Day


Sails on a Sea

Just Passing Through a frameline Setting

Among Islands (#1)

b1 Passing By With Sunshine

Salish sea in Primaries

Passing By

Passing By with Sails, Atmospheric 2

Passing by #6, Atmospheric

Having a Look

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