Art at the Inn

Throughout the year, artists display their work for your enjoyment in the Gallery Room of the Inn and throughout Atrevida Restaurant.

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Bruce Dolsen

Under These Skies - a collection of paintings from Bruce Dolsen.

Artist's statement:

My sketchbooks from the past winter are full of images of  “nurse stump” forms in the forest; these are the remains of the virgin forests that covered the coast and were brutally logged off well over a hundred years ago. The stumps remain: they decay, yet give testimony to the girth of these giants of the past, and continue to nurture new growth that clings to them and grows out of and around them. I came to realize
(looking to learn, that is) that while we may have our way with nature, it has its own way, and if we don’t respect it—if we don’t learn to look—we are the poorer
for it. In saying this, I am indebted to the wisdom and the patience of the indigenous peoples of this coast on whose unceded territory this exhibition takes place.


On the Wild Side features paintings from local artists Eleanor Coulthard, Yasemin Demir, Drezden Dee Ford, Joan Henriques, Susan Lambert, Dianne LaRonde and Annette Shaw

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