Top things to do while on Galiano

Galiano Island is many things to many people

A Pacific Island paradise, a relaxing spa retreat, a quiet retreat in Nature, an exciting adventure vacation

Galiano Island from Bluffs Park, you can see all the Gulf Islands

Please note that the island is currently experiencing extreme drought conditions and we are implementing water conservation measures in every department. We encourage our guests to do everything they can to help us conserve this precious resource. Also, by order of our local Fire Chief, and in light of the current fire hazard rating which is extreme at the moment, the island is under a complete fire ban, which includes the use of the fireplaces in each of our suites and villas. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

An emerald green island set in the waters of Georgia Strait, Galiano Island is so close to Vancouver yet a world away from city life. It is a place where you can experience the spectacular West Coast ~  magnificent orca whales, sea lions and seals, eagles and cormorants, deer and otters, all of Nature's beauty ~ while enjoying all of the comforts of a luxury retreat.

Here, you can discover

  • a secluded beach that is all your own. Galiano has more beaches than any other Gulf Island.
  • a quiet hike through a pristine forest that goes up and up to the top of Mount Galiano
  • your first moped ride, feeling like one of “The Wild Bunch”
  • a sunset Gulf Island Kayaks tour with the glitter of phosphorescence trailing in the water
Kayaking around Galiano Island, with Gulf Island Kayaking; they deliver to the Galiano Inn   Montague Beach at sunset; children playing
  • your inner artist
  • a midden that is over 3,000 years old – the beautiful shell beach of Montague
  • spa treatments at the Inn, with natural organic ingredients of blueberry and hemp and blackberry
  • bicycling along country roads in the autumn
  • mountain-biking to the top of Bluffs Park and watching the ferries pass below
Galiano Golf and Country Club   Kayaking around Galiano Island, with Gulf Island Kayaking; they deliver to the Galiano Inn

  • sports-fishing in the waters of Porlier or Active Pass
  • golf in the early morning where the deer present a natural hazard
  • the joy of playing in tidal pools for the first time since you were five
  • whale watching from your room at the Inn, from Bellhouse Park or an ecotour in Active Pass
  • a roaring fire and a glass of wine during a winter storm, in our lounge... or in your room
Galiano Shore
  • why the natural beauty of this island has inspired many famous authors to live here
  • the Kunamokst Mural Mosaic at the Galiano Inn
  • why bird-watching is the fastest growing sport in North America
  • some of the area’s finest artists at one of Galiano's art studios
  • playing tennis on an outdoor wooden tennis court
  • the best little bookstore anywhere, Galiano Island Books, right outside our gates
  • scuba diving in some of the best sites on the west coast
  • the incredible shorelines and sandstone formations of Dionisio Point Park
  • the night stars for the first time since you moved to the city
And too much more to mention... you will have to explore them for yourself!