Pets at the Galiano Oceanfront Inn

At the Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa, we know that a "family" sometimes includes a pet, and for those vacationing with us, we have set aside two suites that are designated as "pet friendly":
  • One West Coast Oceanfront Suite, #3 which has one Queen bed, and One West Coast Oceanfront Suite, #1 which has one king-sized bed and a sofa bed
  • Four West Coast Oceanfront Villas #17, #19, #20 and #22 which has one bedroom and a King sized bed as well as a double sofabed
Because of their popularity and limited number, it is essential that you request a "Pet friendly" room when booking, and receive that confirmation in writing.

You MUST book in advance,
and your confirmation must reflect your pet.  Please note that if you bring a pet into any other room without obtaining prior permission you will be charged an additional room restoration fee of $400.

Pet Amenities

We are pleased to assist you with your four-legged friends. We can provide you with access to a cozy pet bed and give directions to all the wonderful trails on Galiano.

There is a grocery store one block away for food and accessories you may have forgotten.

Pet Policies

  • We have enjoyed hosting all of our four-legged guests, but their companions sometimes need reminding: There is a pet charge of $75 and a maximum of 2 pets per room. Pets must be registered in advance: please call the Inn for details. Your confirmation email must reflect your pet's visit. 
  • Pets must be on leash at all times while on the property.
  • For your comfort and that of other guests, at no time should an owner allow their pet to leave animal waste anywhere on our property, please pick up after your pet and deposit the waste in a garbage container. We have provided a waste container and bags on the terrace of your room.
  • Do NOT use guest dinnerware as pet food or water bowls. If you forgot yours, please ask.
  • Pets must be free of fleas, ticks, and worms.
  • Do not allow your pet on the furniture. We can provide a cozy pet bed if needed.
  • Pets must be on their leash or in a pet crate when in common areas of the inn at all times and cannot be inside eating areas (pizza patio or the restaurant) But they can definitely be near you: ask for table 1 in the Restaurant, which is next to an outside deck. Or you can leash them near your pizza patio table outside.
  • You must be in your room, or out with your pet, when housekeeping is cleaning the room. Our housekeepers will not clean your room if the pet is in the room without you.
  • Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa advises against leaving your pet unattended but, if the need should arise, we ask that you keep your pet in a secured kennel/cage to ensure safety of our staff and your pet, and to notify the front desk staff and leave your telephone number in case of emergency or noise complaints.
  • As the registered guest bringing the pet, you are responsible for any damages caused by the pet, and for any excessive and / or exceptional cleaning charges at the hotel property. This includes, but is not limited to pet odors, pet stains and excessive hair. You will be given an opportunity to eliminate any noise complaints from other guests. In the event you are unable to satisfy this clause, you will be asked to leave the property and could be financially responsible for any and all costs associated with appeasing the guest complaint, including lost hotel income.
  • There are only four pet-friendly accommodations. They are just as lovely as all other rooms - ocean-facing with all the same amenities. For allergy reasons, we identify & limit the numbers of pet-friendly suites. NO other suites allow pets, and a $400 cleaning fee will be assessed if this is disregarded by a guest who brings a pet into another suite. Guests are required to sign a pet waiver/agreement upon check-in.