In Room Guide

Welcome to beautiful Galiano, jewel of the Gulf Islands!


We acknowledge that we live, work and play on the shared, asserted, unceded traditional territories of the Penelakut, Lamalcha, and Hwlitsum First Nations, as well as the shared, asserted, and ceded territories of the Tsawwassen First Nation, on whose land we are guests. We do our best to remain good and worthy stewards of this precious land.

The Galiano Oceanfront Inn & Spa has been an integral part of the Galiano Island community for well over 70 years and we are one of the cornerstones of economic development and sustainable resources on the island. Since the early 2000s the Galiano Inn has slowly been transforming into the resort that you are seeing today. 

We hope that you thoroughly enjoy everything the Galiano Oceanfront Inn has to offer. Starting with our beautifully landscaped natural surroundings, to the end of our pier where you can watch the eagles soar and the orcas swim by, to our wonderful full-service spa where you can enjoy a massage in our waterfall cottage or a pedicure by the sea, to our West Coast contemporary Atrevida restaurant or pizza patio (summertime only) where you can sample chef Dean’s wonderful creations and a host of carefully-selected BC wines, spirits and beverages, the Inn truly has something special for everyone.

Our dedicated team is focused on providing you with the best experience possible. We will go to great lengths to ensure your comfort, relaxation and safety during your stay. Please let us know if there is anything you need!

Now make yourself at home, RELAX and enjoy ISLAND TIME!

Warmest regards,

The Staff of The Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa





To place any outside calls, please dial '9' first and then the number. Contrary to the information on the phone, local ‘539’ numbers do not need a ‘1’ in front. Simply dial: 9 + 250-539-etc. We are pleased to provide FREE local and international calls.


  • Reception – Dial 100
  • Restaurant Reservations or Room Service – Dial 301 
  • Madrona del Mar Spa – Dial 111
  • Room to Room Calls – Dial 101 for room 1; 102 for room 2; 118 for room 18, etc.
  • Emergencies – Dial '9' + 911 for ambulance, fire or police. After, please call 250 539 3388 or 1 250 539 8168 after hours so we can further assist you. The address of the Galiano Inn is 134 Madrona Road, Galiano Island.
  • Ferry Reservations – Dial '9' + 1-888-BCFERRY



We welcome you to the best of Galiano Island with casual contemporary West Coast cuisine at the Island’s only oceanfront setting. We proudly offer indoor dining service, take-out and room service. Reservations are highly recommended and can be made at Reception or with the Restaurant. 


Complimentary continental breakfast baskets are available for pick up in the Atrevida dining room from 6pm - 9pm the previous evening or from Front Desk from 9am - 5pm. Coffee and tea supplies are provided in the Suites Building lobby or in Villa kitchens. Coffee-making equipment and kettles are provided in every Suite and villa kitchen.

LA LENA PIZZA PATIO (May-October only)

During the summer, imagine eating a thin crusted, Italian-style pizza, cooked in an authentic wood fired oven, in a Mediterranean-like climate by the ocean. Join us on our Pizza Patio to experience a little taste of Italy. Please refer to your Welcome Letter or our website for seasonal hours.


Our menus change with the seasons. Please find current menus and hours by clicking here. Please call Front Desk (ext.100) to reserve a table or pre-order room service between 9am - 5pm. Restaurant staff will also take room service orders at ext. 301 during restaurant hours. Please note, room service orders are subject to an 18% automatic gratuity.



The water at the Inn is from a fresh water well and is definitely drinkable. The water system is tested regularly and declared by the inspector as safe and "better than city water". 

The water is full of naturally occurring minerals, so at times it may have a slight colour to is as a result of manganese, iron and other trace minerals. It is not chemically treated with chlorine or fluoride. You will find out water has a clean natural smell and taste. 



We are on a sensitive septic system so please only flush toilet paper! No feminine hygiene products, baby wipes or papertowels or any other items should be used, as these items will clog up our pumps and pipes, and damage our sewage treatment plant.


SMART TVs in the Villas only (not available in the Suites)

Although we try to encourage our guests to get away from technology during their stay, we do realize that sometimes you get away so that you can truly enjoy today’s technology uninterrupted so we have placed 55” Smart TV’s into the living rooms that are hooked up to our WiFi network, allowing you to watch Netflix or YouTube through your own personal account.  Browse the internet on your TV and watch what you want to watch.

If you are having trouble with the remote control provided, please ensure that the small black dongle is visible from your position and that your remote control is pointed directly at the dongle. Sometimes, the dongle is knocked off during the room cleaning process (check behind the living room hutch in the villas) and the remote control is unable to connect with the TV.

Suite Smart Thermostat

Each Suite is equipped with a Thermostat. Simply press the up or down arrow symbol to set to the desired temperature.  There is no air conditioning.Mysa Smart Thermostat



Each Suite and Villa offers an ocean view - perfect for watching the sun rise and marine wildlife. Our comfortable chairs allow you to lounge with a good book or refreshing drink.

Please read on for frequently asked questions regarding our Villa patios:


Our electric BBQ's are a convenient way to grill up a tasty feast! Each Villa contains BBQ utensils for your use. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Cover bottom drip pan, under the grill, with water.
  2. Preheat the grill for 5 - 10 minutes on high (8 bars illuminated).
  3. Adjust heat setting for food type. Eg. Steaks and burgers -- 8 bars. Chicken, pork, fish -- 6 bars. Vegetables -- 5 bars.


The control panel is the silver box located on the wall to the left of the BBQ. The on/off toggle switch is on the under side of the control box. Temperature is adjusted by using the arrow buttons on the face of the control box. 


The spa tubs are featured on the terrace of each Oceanfront Villa and provide jets of air to invigorate and refresh. Bath salts and bubble bath can be purchased from the Spa to elevate your bath time. 

Please follow these instructions and tips:

  1. Allow the hot water tank to replenish itself for about an hour before filling your tub. If you had a shower or ran the dishwasher prior to having a bath, you may find that the water will run cold before your tub is filled.
  2. Fill with water above the level of the air jets before turning on the tub.
  3. Do NOT overfill -- excess water escaping over balcony edges may drip onto the terrace below.
  4. To drain water, release the valve on opposite side of faucet. 
  5. The air jets are self-cleaning. A few minutes after the tub has drained, the motor will start up again to engage the self-cleaning mechanism. This is perfectly normal. Please do not press any buttons, as this will cause the cycle to re-start. 


Madrona del Mar Spa truly is an idyllic world for your journey to inner peace and wellness. Picturesque oceanscapes, sky and forest frame our serene spa grounds, inviting you to experience a unique array of treatments featuring the best of British Columbia's most sought after all natural, organic products.

Please click here to view our current hours, offerings, and contact information.

Our spa hot tub is available for guest use on a first-come, first-served basis from 12pm -10pm. Please keep a safe distance if the hot tub is occupied and approach other guests respectfully. 

Located in the Spa Garden, there are just a few guidelines around its use:

  • Please take the cover off before use and put it back on after use, to minimize debris, heat loss and water evaporation.
  • No glass please. Plastic glassware is available from the Restaurant or Spa.
  • Enjoy and socialize, but please be respectful of guests who may be having spa services outdoors or having a quiet evening.
  • Please, no use after 10 pm for safety and noise reasons.
  • No unattended children under the age of 18.




Please take some time time to explore our magnificent gardens and 'smell the roses' - literally! Our landscaped grounds are gorgeous, any time of year! The Galiano Inn is also proud to grow its own herbs, edible flowers and even some of the produce we use in Atrevida restaurant and on the Pizza patio in the summer. Many of the plants we grow are well adapted to our local climate, with a focus on some native plant species, selected for their robustness, resistance to deer grazing and drought (xeriscaping), as well as cold winter temperatures.

We also have a small koi pond, located in the heart of the gardens, next to our two pond cottages. Our colorful Japanese koi are more than 15 years old!


The Fitness Room is open for guests to use on a first-come, first-served basis from 9am - 10pm. Please keep a safe distance if the gym is occupied and approach other guests respectfully. We kindly ask that you use the sanitizer provided to wipe down the equipment after use. 


Our private dock is located in Sturdies Bay, just in front of the Inn. Typically, our dock is in place from May - September yearly and removed from the premises from approximately Oct - April every year due to the extreme Winter weather.

Please contact the Front Desk for up-to-date details and reservation information. For reference, moorage is $1 per foot and we do not offer water/power services.

If you'd like to arrive via personal boat during the Winter months, we recommend Montague Marina. We are happy to shuttle you upon arrival / departure. While you are on island, you are also certainly welcome to rent a car or van from us.


The beach in front of the Inn is a great place to lie out and enjoy the sun, but remember, the beach disappears during high tide. Swimming is enjoyable here and the stairs are located near the Spa Patio, adjacent to Atrevida Restaurant.  


Smoking is not permitted on the decks, patios or balconies of our Suites or Villas. A significant cleaning charge is assigned if there is any smoking in these areas. Smoking is allowed ONLY in the designated outdoor areas next to the loading bay, by the pier and next to the villas, where ashtrays are provided.



The Galiano Inn prides itself on creating lasting relationships with local service providers and suppliers. As part of our ‘Support Local’ initiative, we are thrilled to offer our guests all natural, locally crafted, high quality amenities. 


Our rosemary and tangerine shampoo, conditioner and body lotion are crafted by Purely Saltspring, a local supplier based on Saltspring Island. The Purely Saltspring line of products integrates beauty, well-being and environment. These products are all-natural, biodegradable and of the highest quality, for your enjoyment. We have eliminated our reliance on single-use plastics by providing dispensers in every room.

Our custom hand soaps are lovingly fabricated on Pender Island by Kelly from Sand Dollar Soap Co. 

Our all-natural, farm-to-face, plant-based Pacifica Seaweed Lotion is crafted right here on Galiano, by Galiano Soapworks.


We are also proud to offer you some delicious organic, fairly-traded Arabica coffee, roasted with care in Steveston, BC by Pedro’s Organic Coffee, a family-owned, community-focused company which uses only sustainably-grown coffee beans. 

Pedro’s Organic Coffee Co. also produces the Meraki line of artisan teas, which we use in all of our rooms, as well as in our Atrevida Dining Room, Orca Lounge and La Lena Pizza Patio. Meraki is a range of high-quality teas produced in partnership with the sustainable farming community. Meraki Artisan Teas are eco-friendly, whole leaf teas that are produced in an ethical, sustainable fashion. 



We have three Smart Cars and a Dodge Caravan available for rent. Our price list is as follows:

- 4 hours: $45 +tax 
- 8 hours: $80 +tax
- Overnight + 8 hours: $120 

Also to note, we require you: to be 21+ years old, hold a valid full driver’s license, have insurance, and a valid credit card. We will pre-authorize your CC for a $500 deposit and return this to you once the car is returned, free of damage. Please inquire at the Front Desk regarding availability and reservations. 



The Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa is pleased to present the Art at the Inn Gallery. Each exhibition features a local artist and is showcased in the Atrevida dining room. Whether through painting, sculpture, glasswork, ceramics, textile or photography, each artist offers guests their unique interpretation of island life. Many works are for sale and may be purchased through our website. Please click here to explore our current Art Show.  (Painting below is "Whiteshell Beach, Montague" by Bruce Dolsen from the 2021 Art Show)



The Galiano Inn is also home to the renowned Kunamokst mural. The mural is the collaborative work of over 200 BC artists, several of whom reside on the Southern Gulf Islands. Come down to our main lobby to view this spectacular masterpiece, which has drawn visitors from all over the world for the past 11 years!!



There is a wealth of activities to experience on Galiano Island! Adventures on land and water include: hiking, kayaking, canoeing, boating, diving, golfing, and moped rentals. Please click here for more information and don't forget to pick up a Chamber of Commerce Map from the Front Desk. Maps of the Galiano Trails network are available from the Tourist Information Centre, located just outside of the ferry terminal.